Looking for a little inspiration? These selections are sure to touch your heart. Have one of your own you'd like to share? Send it in to to Animal World!

The Great

I Am An
Animal Rescuer

Two Horses

Pennies from Heaven

If A Dog Was
Your Teacher

If You Can....

The Rainbow Bridge

Prayer of St. Francis

A Cat's Prayer

A Dog's Prayer

Do I Go Home Today?

God's Gift


Grieving For Ruby

The Dog Who Ate

When I Am Old

Why Dogs Don't Live Longer Than People


Mason's Poem

Letting Go

A Message
From Max

A New Year's Tale for Dog Lovers

Ten Commandments For Responsible Dog Owners

Sam's Story

Miss Me,
But Let Me Go

If I Did Not Have Dogs...

In Memory of Pal

A Good Dog Story

Just A Dog

Two Wolves

The Night Before Christmas Chained Out In The Yard

The Loss of a Companion

The Old Man and the Dog


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