Sam's Story

Hi Martha,

Three weeks ago, my brother Kirk -- in Pennsylvania -- was scheduled for a knee replacement and was organizing his time  for his six week rehab.  He loves his Dachshund, Sam ---who has been crippled for several years and Sam goes around in a sulky harness with the wheels supporting his back legs. My brother and his wife decided since Sam was also incontinent now and Kirk would not be able to take care of him during his rehab, it was time for them both to go.

They were headed to the vet's the evening before Kirk's operation --Sam comfortably wrapped in a blanket on the back seat for his last ride.

They had stopped at an intersection---when a car came careening through the streets and hit them from behind at high speed. The other car smashed through their trunk--up to the back seat--- totalling  their car.  

They were very shaken up , and hurting in various places.  Sam had fallen off the seat and was in a little space between the seats, barking for the first time in months.---and pooping all over the place.  The rescuers pried the metal apart and extracted him and he went on to the hospital with them.

They all were much too traumatized to carry out Sam's demise so they decided to postpone it till after Kirk's operation, which the Dr. decided--could go ahead  as scheduled.   

They took Sam home, still wrapped in his blanket--and still barking---and carefully laid him in his bed.

The next morning,, everyone got up--pretty stiff and sore ---and they opened  Sam's crate to bring him out---he leaped out and dashed across the room, raced around and headed for the door to be let out---barking all the way.

It's been almost three weeks, and Sam is still going strong,  and hasn't had an incontinent moment. They have located a pet chiropractor to make sure he stays that way.

My brother's surgery went fine, and he has his rehab all planned by a little dachshund whose guardian angel doesn't know how to drive a car.

Martha, I listen to you whenever I can, and I have to tell you, I'm still having a hard time relating my brother's story. We are so many miles apart, but I take care of animals too, and I knew in an instant what really happened back there.

 I am glad I could share this.